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Marty Spencer 11”

Price: $850.00 USD

Marty Spencer 11” block rim, 26 1/4” scale, Fiberskin head, also includes a Frosted head. Overall very good used condition, plays easily and sounds good. Comes in a very nice hard case, no name however I believe it is a TKL.

The rim is a block type and I believe the wood is walnut. Tuners are made by Grover. There is one spot on the neck where the clear coat has come off and another that may appear to be a nick that is just the coloration of the wood. I believe the neck is maple. Railroad spikes at 7,8 and 9 frets.

This was my first purchased banjo, I have since had one made and this one doesn’t get played. Too nice to collect dust. This is a great banjo.

If you are not familiar with Marty Spencer banjos Bob Carlin wrote this in Banjo Newsletter in the January 2005 issue.

"Florida Banjo Company is a one-person operation that grew out of Marty Spencer’s love for woodworking. Although he only makes part time and produces eight to ten instruments a year, Spencer is hoping to transition to full-time upon retirement and up his production to twenty to thirty banjos annually. His current waiting list is two to three months. All Florida Banjo’s instruments feature Marty’s handmade 11” block rims (glued blocks of wood that are turned on a lathe to achieve the finished shape) of maple, teak or walnut, 26 5/16” scale neck with an ebony fingerboard, two-way adjustable truss rod, dowel stick and geared tuners, 24 brackets, no knot tailpiece, oil varnish finish, and your choice of tone ring. All metal parts used originate with suppliers such as Ode, Stew-Mac and Bill Rickard. Florida Banjo currently offers three models: The Florida Fretless and the Workingman’s Banjo in maple or walnut.

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Posted By: sgonyo
United States, Doswell, VA, 23047

Contact Info: 804-641-0861

Condition of Banjo: Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Openback, Brand: Spencer

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