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Badger's Moon Banjo Co. open back with Whyte Laydie style tone ring

Price: £2,050.00 GBP ($2,320.01 USD)

A contemporary instrument with a nod to the turn of the century classics; for those seeking that elusive pre-war old-timey sound! The Whyte Laydie style tone ring gives a rich and bright tone, without the harsh metallic 'twang' of some other heavier metal tone rings. Plenty of drive and volume to hold its own in a session. This versatile instrument is well suited to old time clawhammer and 2 finger picking styles, and even a bit of Scrugg's style 3 finger picking.

Comes supplied with a great quality snug fitting Superior Deluxe 5 string banjo case, and an additional set of strings.

More info, photos and a video can be found at



- American cherry 11" block rim
- Herringbone purfling inlay
- Cherry & fumed eucalyptus pinstripes
- Ebony rim cap
- Engraved 24 hook notched tension hoop
- Pisgah Hawktail tailpiece and ball hanger
- Dowel stick neck fixing with Vega style neck brace
- American black walnut/ cherry arm rest with cherry & fumed eucalyptus pinstripes
- Can be supplied with either a calf skin or Remo Fibreskyn head


- Right handed
- 25.5" scale length
- American cherry neck with two fumed eucalyptus and a centre cherry pin stripes
- Ebony fretboard and peghead overlay
- Cherry& fumed eucalyptus underlay
- Dobson style heel
- 'Paddle' shape peghead
- Arch frailing scoop
- Mosaic fretboard markers
- White mother of pearl star side markers
- Black walnut/ white MOP hare peghead inlay
- Leader Banjo Co. Planetary geared tuning pegs

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Posted By: Badgers_Moon_Banjos
United Kingdom

Contact Info: 07496258410

Condition of Banjo: New

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Type: 5-String Openback, Brand: Badger's Moon Banjos

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