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1979 Baldwin Ode Style C

Price: $1,350.00 USD

With a heavy heart, I am listing my 1979 Baldwin Ode Style C Banjo. I am the third owner of the banjo. Baldwin ODE was making the best banjos in the 1970s while Gibson was cutting corners. I am selling because I am upgrading to a custom instrument and my wife has a strict, one-in-one-out policy.

This banjo has a thick multi-ply maple rim with nickel hardware. The flange is a heavy, brass one piece flange that allows the banjo to project across a stage. The neck and resonator are walnut and the banjo has its original 5-star head. Ode banjos also have a unique truss rod adjustment system that is found in the heel of the banjo, as opposed to the headstock, and it requires a special key. A lot of the original Ode banjos are missing the key. I machined a key for this banjo using a few parts ordered online. It is included in the purchase. And no, to other owners—I am not in the business of manufacturing new keys, but I can send you the specs if you are interested.

Overall, these banjos appeal to melodic players as they have several unique qualities. They have a brighter, bell-like tone than Gibson banjos with excellent balance among the strings. The Ode tailpiece is long and heavy, which contributes to the tone.

The most important qualities are found in the neck and scale length. The scale is 27” long, which runs slightly longer than the 26¼” Gibson standard. The added length allows for more room on the high frets and slightly more string tension, which adds more pop to the tone and provides cleaner note separation. For those players with larger hands, the added length is a dream. I have tiny hands and I have still enjoyed playing the banjo down the neck. The added scale length has been excellent training for my left hand. I can now crush melodic runs and single string stretches on a Gibson standard scale. In terms of tone, however, I prefer the sound of the longer 27” scale.

The only gripes I can find with the instrument are slight wear on the first four frets (she has been played thoroughly) and the top of the headstock. The wear on the headstock is not noticeable unless you are right on top of the banjo. As for the fretwear, it should be expected on an older instrument, does not affect the sound or playability, and there is plenty of meat still on the frets. I currently have the banjo setup with very low action on a 1/2” moon bridge and there is zero buzzing. This thing plays very well.

This is the perfect banjo for a beginner or intermediate player looking to invest in a solid instrument without breaking the bank. This model runs nearly 1500 dollars less than the fancier, engraved model D Ode banjos with the same quality construction.

Price is 1350 and the buyer must pay 100 dollars shipping. The strap is not included. The banjo will ship in a sturdy TKL hardcase with extra packaging for protection. Payment options include cash, in person; or Paypal Goods and Services. I will cover the Paypal fee.

Interested? Contact Seller to arrange purchase

Shipping: Buyer must pay 100 Shipping

Posted By: dpgrant87
United States, Falls Church, VA, 22043

Contact Info: Contact Dan by Cell at 727)252-8884

Condition of Banjo: Used - Very Good Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator, Brand: Baldwin ODE

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