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Brooks Masten Minstrel Style Banjo with Goatskin Head

Price: $925.00 USD

I bought this banjo a number of years ago. This was the eighth banjo built by Brooks Masten. Banjo is not marked by Brooks, but I have emails from him verifying the information I have posted. Also, I’m sure that Brooks would be happy to verify the information if you contacted him. He is a really nice guy.

Brooks tells me that he “built the whole thing, steam bending the walnut and such.” The finish is French polish, and he made all the rim nuts and hand tapped them himself. 12 shoes. 13inch pot. Width of the neck at the nut is approximately 36 mm. Length of the neck as measured from the bottom of the nut to the pot is roughly 19 1/4 inches. Length of the banjo from the top of the headstock to the bottom of the pot is roughly 39 inches. Friction pegs. Recently I had Brooks replace the original head, which had split, with a beautiful goatskin head. I would say it is in mint condition,except for the patina on the brass. Currently strung with gut strings. Ships with a nice gig bag. $925 or best reasonable offer.

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Posted By: pacothehotone
United States, 216 Spence Avenue , Sutherlin , OR, 97479

Contact Info: You can email me, or call or text Mike at 42three-seven74-47one0.

Condition of Banjo: Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Openback, Brand: Brooks Masten

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