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Tranjo 8.1 in Germany -- Walnut with silent practice option *ON HOLD*

Price: €600.00 EUR ($713.22 USD)

Gönnen Sie sich etwas für den Sommer!

I bought this used in January and had it shipped to Germany. I have hardly used it and have decided to sell. I am using the same photos as were in the original add earlier this year.

Tranjo 8.1

- More traditional body shape than the original Tranjo design

- A larger 8" diameter head

- Gotoh 4:1 planetary tuners.

- Walnut body and neck, ebony fingerboard

- Silent Practice option: Includes 8 inch mesh head, piezo pickup, and Monoprice headphone amp.

- Railroad spikes installed!

- Gig bag included (presumably a gig bag for baritone ukulele)

- Zolldokumente. Ich habe 138 Euro bezahlt, um dieses Banjo in die EU einzuführen. Die Dokumente schicke ich mit dem Banjo, damit Sie nicht irgendwann nochmals zahlen müssen.

- The neck can be easily taken on and off and adjusted with the truss rod. The head can be changed with no great effort. For these changes you will need allen wrenches in the sizes 5/32 inch and 3/16 inch, not included in the sale.
- Der Hals lässt sich leicht an- und abmontieren und mit dem Truss-Rod justieren. Das Fell lässt sich leicht auswechseln. Sie brauchen für diese Vorgänge Inbusschlüssel in den Größen 5/32 Zoll und 3/16 Zoll (nicht im Lieferumfang).

Condition: There are some signs of wear at the 17th and 18th frets, probably from frailing by the former owner. Otherwise, it looks good.
Zutand: Gebrauchsspuren - vermutlich von Frailing/Clawhammer durch den vorherigen Besitzer, beim 17.-18. Bund. Ansonsten alles sehr gut.

It sells new for $995.00 plus $100 for the silent options makes it $1095 new, in addition to the cost of railroad spikes and importing the banjo to Europe we are easily at over 1000 Euros.

Interested? Contact Seller to arrange purchase

Shipping: Shipping is 8 Euros within Germany, 18 Euros in the EU and at least 60 Euros to the US.

Posted By: Strelnieks

Contact Info:

Condition of Banjo: Used - Very Good Condition

Type: Other, Brand: Tranjo

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