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1895 Vintage open back 5 string banjo for sale

Price: $3,600.00 CAD ($2,906.63 USD)

I have this vintage banjo for sale. I am not 100% of exactly what it is.
My research indicates that it was most likely made by Rettburg & Lange, though without a label identifying it as Supertone,
In addition, all the Supertone Banjos Iíve been able to research are fitted with 30-40 brackets. this has 20. Thus, a lesser instrument.
Similarities to the Supertone:
The rim seems identical
The headstock shape is identical
The neck profile appears identical
The 5th String site is shaped identically
The Down-stick adjustment hardware is identical
The Bracket hardware is consistent with Supertone by Rettburg & Lange
Anomalous points:
There is a metal Neck support rod that I havenít found in Rettburg & Lange Instruments. (Aftermarket add-on?)
There is a number 13 stamped in inside of the rim by the Dowel Stick entry point. About 3/8Ē tall
Three is no inlay in the headstock. Most of the student Supertone instruments had a star.
Though the headstock overlay seems to stand a little proud of the neck material Ö Replacement with unadorned material?
The inlays in the fingerboard are inconsistent with Supertone or any other Rettburg & Lange banjos.
At the very least, the banjo is 100 years old and possibly 130 years old
I was told it could be from about 1895
I would just like to find it a good home as I don't really play it anymore.
I can send you pictures if you email me.

Interested? Contact Seller to arrange purchase

Shipping: Shipping is extra

Posted By: 2Tall
Canada, AB

Contact Info: 403-561-4701

Condition of Banjo: Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Openback, Brand: Supertone

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