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Strom Arch Top Banjo 60's 70's

Price: $1,250.00 USD

The Strom banjo company existed in, I believe, Brainerd Minnesota in the 1960's and early 70's. In 1973 it was sold to CC Richelieu who moved production to Oregon Wisconsin. This banjo features the amazing Strom arch-top tone ring which Richelieu incorporated into his Golden Eagle model banjo. It has a 1/2" thick rim and a single coordinator rod reminiscent of the Gibson RB-250 banjos of the period. The original friction tuners have been replaced with geared ones but the fifth string peg is still original. There is a railroad spike at the "B" note on the below the fifth string and a small hole at the "A" note where, I believe, one was removed. The banjo has small blemishes and imperfections in keeping with its age but no major issues. The tone ring and flange are raw brass but the rest of the hardware is chrome. This is an EXTREMELY loud banjo with a crisp barking arch top tone. It will definitely stand out in any picking circle.

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Shipping: $65 to Lower 48 States

Posted By: Strom Banjo 73
United States, Chicago, IL, 60613

Condition of Banjo: Used - Good Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator, Brand: Strom

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