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Commission Quail Creek Open-Back Banjos

Price: $1,300.00 USD

Commission open-back banjos starting at $1,300! Check out BHO for 10/10 reviews and what customers are saying about my banjos:

"People lose their minds when they see this banjo."
"Fantastic build. Sound is loud and clear. Lindsay is building a great banjo."

I focus on one banjo at a time in my Charlotte workshop and send pictures/narratives during the build process because "every banjo is a journey" -- something we will experience together, starting with the design, then as I cut rough sawn lumber and steam bend your rims, until the point that the banjo is in your hands.

More info on my website, my YouTube Channel and Instagram @quailcreekbanjos.

I build to order, so check it out, reach out to me, and let's get started designing something for you. (Please, only serious inquiries by those who plan to buy something in the near future -- I spend a good amount of time on the design phase.)

Interested? Contact Seller to arrange purchase

Shipping: Based on location

Posted By: QuailCreekBanjos
United States, Charlotte, NC,

Condition of Banjo: New

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Type: 5-String Openback, Brand: Quail Creek Banjos

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