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Parts openback banjo: Bruno(?) pot, Conqueror neck

Price: $275.00 USD

Solid parts openback banjo, was owned and played by a local old-time clawhammer player from the 1950s-1980s, and was simply kept by the family for the past 2-3 decades. Appears to have a vintage Bruno or similar style pot (1920s ?) and a late 60s or early 70s Japanese "Conqueror" 5-string composite neck.

Neck seems securely attached, binding is secure in good condition with some wear through old finish/lacquer. Frets could use cleaning/polish but not much wear. Vintage Grover closed metal housing guitar tuners, seem secure but no screws in the tabs. Geared 5th string tuner is well patina'd but works, and a vintage sliding 5th string wire/spring capo. Had two railroad spikes at one time, now missing. Wooden nut, small screw for 5th string nut. Some sort of shell/fan inlay pattern, possibly celluloid, yellowed with age and intact.

Pot has 24 brackets, flat hooks/nuts all present, grooved stretcher band. 70s-80s 5-Star head is dirty but is still tight and in good condition. Plastic 5-string bridge and original vintage No-Knot tailpiece. Banjo has been played with steel strings. Has a homemade "resonator" disk made of some roughly-matching wood laminate material attached with flathead screws and plastic beads as spacers, simple to remove.

Comes in an ill-fitting 70s-80s light cardboard resonator banjo case with 3 latches. All dates are my guesstimates. Banjo could use a little cleanup and TLC but could make a good clawhammer banjo for a beginner or just for camping and jamming. All 50+ year-old vintage, once well-loved and played, so it has patina, character and charm.

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Shipping: 50

Posted By: Bradskey
United States, Whitesboro, TX, 76273

Condition of Banjo: Used - Fair Condition

Type: 5-String Openback, Brand: Bruno Brand

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