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Vintage 1893 Luscomb 12

Price: $1,100.00 USD

-12" pot ( consequently an 18-fret neck)
-Mahogany neck with V profile, original lacquer in ex. condition
-Fingerboard, heel, peghead: oiled ebony
-No Knot Tailpiece
-Original hooks, nuts, shoes, and screws.
-Metal and Mahogany rim
-Stick has original name plate, as well as being branded with Manufacturer and style
-Mother-of-Pearl Neck Inlays
-Low Profile arm Guard
-Remo Frosted Head
-Grover 1/2" bridge
-Five-star geared tuners with hand-carved ebony knobs---a very vintage look, but with great, modern tunability
-currently set up with Nylgut, but will handle metal strings
-Scale Length: 26 5/8 inches
-Nut Width 1 3/8 inches
-Hard Shell case

This is a beautiful, mellow-sounding vintage banjo with excellent intonation. It was my main player for quite a few years, and at one point I upgraded to geared tuning pegs, which a woodworker carved ebony knobs for. I found it to be perfect for backing up a single fiddle, or for more unobtrusive solo playing. It is set up for fairly high action. I have made a lot of wonderful memories with this one! I hate to sell it, but I now have 5 banjos, and this one is the least played, so I am trying to be pragmatic. I will send more photos upon request.

Interested? Contact Seller to arrange purchase

Shipping: Will Ship within US.

Posted By: Good Timin Maggie
United States, Duanesburg, NY, 12056

Condition of Banjo: Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Openback, Brand: Luscomb

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