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Bishline Danny Barnes (Great deal) (2012)

Price: $1,900.00 USD

This is a fantastic and versatile little banjo made in 2012. Some quick editorial and then I have included below the description from when I bought the banjo as it is still very accurate. For me what I was concerned about with this banjo was whether it is a one trick pony in the Hartford/ Woody and Barnes style. I have been thrilled by the versatility. The wood rim makes for a unique tone but it can still crack in a bluegrass context (just watch Danny playing his), I've found it's opened up new creative avenues as I've had to think about my dynamics more (due to the range of tones available) and the short scale makes for easy playing. Plugging it in and running it through a looper or some effects is also a joy and both a great expressive and practice vehicle, the electronics are subtle and built in and I don't notice them day to day. Works great for clawhammer as well. I'm just playing more guitar at the moment and can't justify this in a small apartment. Please ask any questions.

This used Bishline Danny Barnes model is built with Sinker wood Mahogany for the neck and resonator. For those unfamiliar, Sinker Wood is a term for wood that is reclaimed from the bottom of a river or lake and is highly desired for its looks, stability, and tonal complexity. In addition to the sinker wood mahogany neck and resonator, legendary banjo rim craftsman Tony Pass constructed this banjos rim out of sinker wood birch - using the block rim building style he is well known for. A custom wooden tone-ring pairs with the previously mentioned short scale to produce a mellow tone and undeniably lightweight resonator banjo. An additional cosmetic piece is that the tension hoop and flange are powder-coated black - making for one outstanding looking banjo.

We are told that Bishline, Barnes, and LR Baggs worked together to make the pickup for this instrument that sounds good at even the highest volumes and can attest that it is one good sounding banjo pickup.

The condition of this used Danny Barnes Banjo is excellent and only some light scratching and a few small dings mar the resonator, speaking to how much play time this one gets. Includes a hardshell case in good condition.

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Shipping: 85

Posted By: Gratefuliving
United States, CA, 94109

Condition of Banjo: Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator, Brand: Bishline

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