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Open back 5 string banjo(now repaired)

Price: $400.00 USD

Nice old banjo that has seen lots of play. Metal spun over pot, original tuners, new fiber skin head, no not tailpiece, mixed matched shoes and hooks&nuts, lots of MOP all over the neck. Comes with an Alpine series Boulder soft bag. I put nylon strings on it but one of the screws on one of the tuners has the head damaged so it canít be tightened up to hold tight. The fret board shows lots of wear but there is no warping of the neck and the frets donít buzz. This will make a great player when completed by someone who has the time. I have too many bills and too many projects to complete this one. Give it a good home. It wants your love. I posted to see if anyone could identify the maker, one person said that he had one in the past and another said that it looks like a Rettberg&Lange. The person I got it from is in his late 80ís and it was his great grandfathers banjo. He said that it was purchased around 1904. I just did a couple of repairs to fix issues that kept it from being playable. I made a new top nut out of Black wood from Berma. I also repaired the screw that kept one of the tuners from keeping tune. It is now a playable banjo. It has a soft mellow sound with nice tone. It still needs cosmetic repairs but not too much.

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Posted By: woodchips
United States, West Point, MS, 39773

Condition of Banjo: Used - Fair Condition

Type: 5-String Openback, Brand: not sure about brand

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