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NEW Vega Woodsongs Campfire Long Neck 5 string Banjo BANJO WAREHOUSE...

Price: $1,999.00 USD

NEW Vega Woodsongs Campfire Long Neck Banjo. Includes Original Hardshell Case. Includes Factory Warranty. CALL TODAY 404-372-5482



NEW Vega Woodsongs Campfire

A mahogany, warm and woody, light weight longneck banjo, the Woodsongs Campfire Longneck is a collaboration between Michael Jonathan of Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour and the Deerings to create a banjo like the one Michael plays that is affordable for his broad audiences.

Featuring a violin grade maple rim without a tone ring, you get a warm, round note that is great for singing along. Perfect for the up and coming musician, this banjo opens the doors to a broader range, allowing you to play in the lower key of E in addition to being able to capo the strings at the third fret and also play in the standard key of G


This is brand new and in mint condition. The case is also new and is in mint condition. This is a gorgeous banjo that is set up. The banjo plays great and sounds incredible. Includes Factory Warranty.


All of our sales include Free Shipping. We set up all of our banjos before shipping. All of our sales include a 7 day Full Satisfaction Guarantee. We also ship worldwide.


We take all major credit cards, paypal, cash, check or money order. Please call 404-372-5482 if you are not using paypal. You can visit us anytime, we are 5 minutes from the Atlanta airport. Thanks!!!- Geoff Hohwald’s Banjo Warehouse.


We Buy, Sell and Trade

All Purchases GUARANTEED with Your Money Back

We have a larger variety of Pro Level banjos than anyplace on Earth

All Banjos are Professionally set up at the Banjo Warehouse

Interested in learning? Geoff also gives Lessons!

We are located 5 minutes from the Atlanta Airport and visitors fly in all the time!

Thank you for visiting the Banjo Warehouse!!!


Banjo Warehouse

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Posted By: Banjowarehouse_com
United States, 2947 East Point Street East Point GA 30344, East Point, GA, 30344

Contact Info: Banjo Warehouse
2947 East Point Street
East Point GA 30344

Condition of Banjo: New

More Info on this Banjo

Type: 5-String Openback, Brand: Vega

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