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2006 Cox Kentucky-5 banjo

Price: $2,400.00 USD

This is my 2006 Cox Kentucky 5 banjo that I bought directly from Jimmy Cox at his shop when I lived in Maine. His shop is in Topsham, Maine as you know. It's a beautiful banjo made of curly maple. It is the only banjo Jimmy made with the "Factory Floor Rim". He made these rims for Bill Sullivan (now deceased) to sell out of his banjo business. It's a great sounding banjo. Raymond Fairchild played this banjo for me at his Maggie Valley Opry House and wanted to buy it from me!! I have the picture of him playing it. The head of the banjo was signed by Jimmy Cox, Raymond Fairchild and Bob French and that head is still on the banjo. The serial number on this banjo is 6226. It was the 26th Jimmy made in 2006. The peg head is the rare Brazilian Rose Wood. Bob French who passed away 5 years ago installed Schaller detuners for me and the original tuners will go with this banjo. The back of the resonator on this banjo is one of a kind with its 3-D effect. You feel like you can put hand right into it. Jimmy set it up for a 5\8's Cox bridge and that bridge is still in the case but presently has a Don New spillway bridge. The original YKL case is in excellent condition. Someone is going to get an outstanding banjo. I no longer play banjo due to arthritis so time to pass it on to a new owner. Price is $2400.00 or best offer. I'm Tom and I can be reached at 803-663-7461 EST South Carolina to answer questions. Jimmy Cox can be reached at 207-725-4677 in Maine also.

Interested? Contact Seller to arrange purchase

Posted By: bangee boy
United States, Warrenville, SC, 29851

Contact Info: 803-663-7461 EST

Condition of Banjo: Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator, Brand: Cox

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