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Bluegrass tu ba phone banjo with Gold tone radiused graphite neck

Price: £1,450.00 GBP ($1,895.24 USD)

I make about 3 banjos a year and have been doing so for maybe 10 years. I have sold all over Europe with great customer feedback. I've never had one returned and I sell to both Professionals and enthusiasts.
This banjo has been made using only the very best of materials as follows;
Neck "Gold tone's graphite radiused neck with hearts and flowers M.O.P inlay and a dual action truss-rod, It has a carbon fibre nut ( 1.5/16" wide) and a bone 5th string pip. 4 good quality nickel planetary tuners, Grover 5th string geared tuner.
Hand turned 5/8' maple and mahogany 10 15/16" rim, fitted with Vega style 24 bracket band,
one piece steel flange, notched solid brass nickel plated tension hoop and most importantly a Tu ba phone 3 piece tone ring.
The resonator is mahogany veneer with ivorine banding and all finished with satin lacquer.
tailpiece is a Kirchener nickel plated solid brass, bridge is radiused "Snuffy Smith 9/16" and the strings are Gibson's lightweight Earl Scruggs signature.
In keeping with many earlier banjos there is one co-ordinating rod and another lag-bolt with domed nut. The arm-rest is a Vega style rolled over.
This banjo is sensational to play, with a low and easy action. It has a crisp throaty quality and the tone of a typical tu ba phone is maintained across the range. It'll play be as loud as you want to attack your playing style.

Just to explain my "no returns" policy.
I have in the past unfortunately been "HAD" by buyers returning instruments which have been abused and messed with by buyers without the skill-set to attempt some of the more advanced set-up methods. The latest was a truss rod which had been so torqued-up to give extra neck relief that they had split the fret-board from the neck and said they had not touched it,
they had!!
Buyers are encouraged to come and try for as long as they like and be totally satisfied with what they are buying, that is also why I don't ship. I know it's an inconvenience but that's the way it is. For a link to an MP3 played on this banjo go to forum title "gold ton graphite necks.

Interested? Contact Seller to arrange purchase

Shipping: pick-up only

Posted By: banjo bas
United Kingdom

Contact Info: Based in Cheshire UK. phone 01928 788543

Condition of Banjo: Used - Mint Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator, Brand: handmade

Ad Status: Active, #70012, viewed 630 times






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