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Deering Rustic Wreath 5-String Banjo

Price: $3,469.00 USD

$3,469 with free shipping!

The Deering Rustic Wreath banjo is a stunning and affordable walnut-stained maple instrument crafted in the USA. Featuring a 3-ply violin-grade maple rim, bell bronze tone ring, and a hand-finished satin polyurethane finish, this banjo delivers a rich, resonant tone. The maple neck with a traditional "U" shape and ebony fingerboard provides a comfortable playing experience. Notable features include a dark walnut stain, traditional prewar peghead shape, and iconic flange hole pattern. Equipped with Deering planetary tuners and a Deering True Tone tailpiece.

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About Us:

My grandfather, Papaw Odell Suits, was a talented bluegrass musician who made everyone feel unique, important and loved. He welcomed musicians from all walks of life into his humble picking room in Cleveland, TN. His legacy of joy, love, and music inspired us to create this store, where we aim to build friendships one person at a time. Stop by and pick one with us.

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Shipping: Free Shipping!

Posted By: Papaw Odells
United States, 200 Harle Ave NW , Cleveland, TN, 37311

Contact Info: Papaw Odell's - Acoustic Instruments
200 Harle Ave NW
Cleveland, TN 37311

Monday - Tuesday by appointment
Wednesday - Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday - Closed

Condition of Banjo: New

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Type: 5-String Resonator, Brand: Deering

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