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c. 1970 Framus Nashville Arch Top 6 String Guitar Banjo

Price: $550.00 USD

This is excellent example of superb German craftsmanship. It has a mahogany neck and resonator. It has a cast bell-bronze arch top tone ring and an aluminum top tension hoop. The two segment flange and the arm rest are both richly embossed and chrome plated. The unique tailpiece design has a single height adjuster and integral harmonic dampener. The neck has a Rosewood fretboard with a zero fret and 19 frets which show absolutely no wear. It includes what appears to be the original hardshell case that is in good cosmetic and structural condition.

I aquired this instrument in a trade package several years ago and have enjoyed it both for it's craftsmanship and as an example of the versatility of the banjo in different styles of music. I would welcome opinions on it's value. I'd like to find someone that would appreciate and enjoy it as much as I have.

Interested? Contact Seller to arrange purchase

Shipping: To be determined

Posted By: UTM
United States, IL, 61458

Condition of Banjo: Used - Excellent Condition

Type: Other, Brand: Framus

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