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Goldtone OT-800L Open back Banjo

Price: $1,500.00 USD

Gold Tone OT-800L
Used-in excellent condition
The Gold Tone OT-800 pays homage to one of the most sought-after banjos of the "classic" period (1890 to 1930) when the Boston School of banjo making was the highest expression of the art. This is the left-handed version made in 2021.

The pot sports a pre-WW II-style Tubaphone tone ring, which adds pleasing overtones via a square-section tube mated to a solid brass rod, all encased in a turned brass sleeve. This sits snugly on an eleven-inch maple rim equipped with dual coordinator rods (for easy action adjustment) and is topped with a Remo Renaissance head carrying a maple and ebony bridge. A No Knot tailpiece anchors the strings.

The authentic bracket-band carries the shoes without the need to drill holes in the rim, increasing the OT-800's power and sustain. The maple neck has a bound ebony fretboard inlayed in engraved vintage style and a scoop at the pot for the hardcore clawhammer player. A deluxe arched top hard case is included.
• Neck: Maple
• Finish: Vintage Brown
• Fingerboard: Ebony with Scoop
• Bridge: Maple with Ebony Cap
• Tuners: Waverly planetary tuning machines
• Inlay: Old-Time
• Truss Rod: Two-Way Adjustable
• Tone Ring: 32-Hole Tubaphone-Style
• Rim: 1/2" Maple Tubaphone-Style Bracket Band
• Tension Hoop: Notched Brass
• Binding: White ABS
• Brackets: 24
• Buttons: C-Style
• Hardware: Chrome Plated
• Pickups: Optional
• Tailpiece: No-Knot
• Armrest: Custom walnut rest
• Head: 11" HC Renaissance
• Number of Frets: 18
• Nut Width: 1-3/16" Bone
• Scale Length: 26-3/16"
• Weight: 8 lbs.
• Tuning: GDGBD
The Gold Tone Mastertone Old Time OT-800 is a pro-grade banjo that pays tribute to one of the most sought-after classic-period instruments of all time. This 5-string, open-back banjo boasts a prewar-style tubaphone tone ring — just like the coveted masterpieces from the late 1800s and early 1900s. The OT-800 also includes a 3-ply maple rim, a Remo Renaissance head, and a scoop at its pot that facilitates hard-core clawhammer action. You'll value the rock-solid stability supplied by this banjo's Zero Glide nut, GT Master Planetary tuners, ebony-capped maple bridge, and no-knot tailpiece. You also get a comfortable vintage-style armrest. Attention-grabbing white ABS binding, old-time fingerboard inlays, light-catching chrome-plated hardware, and a stunning high-gloss finish put the perfect final touches on the OT-800. If you love the look and sound of prewar, tubaphone-style banjos, you'll flip for the Gold Tone Mastertone Old Time OT-800.

Railroad spikes are installed at frets 7, 9, and 10 (spares spikes included). Includes a Gold Tone hard shell plush case, a Kyser banjo capo ($22.00 value), a brass Mike’s Banjo Mute ($45.00 value), Banjo Ben Tone-Gard ($89.00 value), Levy’s Leathers PM 14 leather and sheepskin strap ($40.00 value), and a whole bunch of fingerpicks in many different styles, along with 5 sets of new D’Addario medium strings.

Get it all for $1500, including shipping.

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Shipping: Free Shipping in Continental US

Posted By: GeorgeG
United States, Beulah, MI, 49617

Condition of Banjo: Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Openback, Brand: Gold Tone

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