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Wallis 7 string Banjo Circa 1889 Smooth arm Celluloid clad. Unusual and un-restored

Price: £425.00 GBP ($535.98 USD)

A Celluloid survivor! This is an interesting banjo being that its oak rim is celluloid clad and in good un-restored condition with all it's original parts and original case. Once I cleaned only the celluloid I could see that it really didn't need anything else, just general cleaning. I patched a small tear in the skin head and is holding good tension with no issues. It is a very light and warm sounding banjo. It has flush Ivory frets. Thanks

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NEWS: You may be interested that patent 4794 relating to the 7-string you have for sale was registered at the patent office in 1889. The maker and patent-holder is James Wallis of London.

Kind regards

Mike Bostock

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Shipping: Buyer pays actual shipping and insurance, 100 range within the UK, 200,00 range to the USA.

Posted By: wannabe picker
United Kingdom

Contact Info: Contact me with questions either here or in Youtube's comments section. Thanks

Condition of Banjo: Used - Good Condition

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Type: Other, Brand: Wallis

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