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11" curly maple banjo with WL/Electric-type tone ring, Zach Hoyt #306

Price: $1,190.00 USD

This banjo is made from curly maple with walnut trim and a persimmon fretboard.  I will sell the banjo without the Romero-style armrest for $35 less.  The rim is 11" with a brass Whyte Laydie/Electric type tone ring, the scale length is 25.5" and the nut width is 1-3/8". It has Gotoh tuners and a two way truss rod in the neck, accessed at the heel.  The dots are brass, and the nut and pip are Corian.  The Renaissance head, Gotoh tuners and No-Knot tailpiece came from Smakula Fretted Instruments, I made the dowel stick yoke, the tone ring, and the Van Eps style tension hoop myself and the rest of the hardware came from Balsam Banjo Works.  There is a brass plate on the dowel stick with my name, the town and year of production and the banjo number on it.  I can install a Fiberskyn head on this banjo at no cost, and I can put in fretboard spikes for $5 each.  If you’d like a case I can ship this banjo in a Superior CD-1535 ‘bump’ case for $175. To see a short video demo of this banjo please follow the link below:

Interested? Contact Seller to arrange purchase

Shipping: $50-100 UPS fully insured in lower 48 states, send zip for quote. Other areas please inquire.

Posted By: Zachary Hoyt
United States, Piercefield, NY, 12973

Condition of Banjo: New

More Info on this Banjo

Type: 5-String Openback, Brand: Zachary Hoyt

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