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5-string Banjo (Southern Maine)

Price: $650.00 USD

This is a beautiful 5-string resonator banjo: The pot is a 3 ply rock maple ring; the tone ring is bell bronze; the resonator is curly maple. I bought this about 6 years ago for $650 and played it a lot and even took some lessons. It's my understanding the parts alone are worth the price. At the time I wanted a quality banjo without the high cost. Unfortunately, I don't make the time to play it anymore and it has sat in the case for the last 3 years. I'm throwing in some extras as well. Who made it? Here is the story when it was sold to me:

"Zach- All the parts except the tuning pegs were made by Jimmy Cox. I bought the parts because I wanted a banjo w/ a real bluegrass sound but couldn't afford the $$ for one of Jimmy's signature models. So he sold me the parts and I put them together with his coaching. The pot is a 3 ply rock maple ring. The neck was shaped, I sanded it and finished it. The tone ring is bell bronze, which Jimmy was making then as well, but sending out to have chromed. At the time he was making parts for companies like Gibson and Stewart McDonald. So it has the parts without the expensive mother of pearl inlays. The resonator is curly maple (a different type of grain found in rock maple) as is the neck."

This banjo could use a little love according to my former instructor, these were his suggestions: "most importantly, it needs a neck set and new
fretting...additionally, a new presto tailpiece, head and bone fifth string nut would help, apparently the tailpiece is maxed out and limiting set up possibilities. "

This banjo comes with:

- Hard Case
- Capo
- Mute
- Picks variety of 6 finger picks and multiple thumb picks
- Metronome
- Spare Strings

Let me know if you're interested! Thanks!


Interested? Contact Seller to arrange purchase

Shipping: Pick Up Only

Posted By: allagash zach
United States, 12 Eagles Nest Drive, Scarborough, ME, 04074

Contact Info: 6039534817

Condition of Banjo: Used - Fair Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator, Brand: Cox Parts/Home built

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