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Banjo Kit: Medicine Man Banjo by carverbanjos

Price: $95.00 USD

The Medicine Man Banjo kit by CARVERBANJOS.

Soothe your ailments with this 19th century style banjo akin to those played in the famed traveling medicine shows. With hundreds of Carver Banjo kits sold, surely this is the miracle cure-all!

This newly designed banjo kit offers more than ever before while staying true to tradition. The neck is of a simple and elegant design with a bulge on both sides of the fingerboard; rarely seen now a days, but common among minstrel-era banjos. The pot is much larger at 12, allowing for a 9 goatskin drumhead. This large natural drumhead in combination with the classic Aquila nylgut strings create a warm, deep and authentic tone. Not only can you hear the music, you will feel it coming from the banjo, like it is alive. Bring your medicine man banjo to life every time you play!

Each kit comes with all parts necessary to create your own fully playable banjo. The only tool needed is a hammer to tack on the skin and some wood glue for a joint between the neck and dowel. You need no woodworking tools or experience to put one of these together. All parts are pre-cut, shaped and fitted. Assembly is very easy and can take just a couple hours or you can take extra time to personalize your banjo and make it a weekend project. This kit is great for all ages; imagine the fun you can have putting this together with your child then teaching him or her how to play.

-24 scale length. Please note that this banjo is of non-standard size. The neck is also slightly wider than standard to accommodate the thick nylgut strings.
-Maple hardwood ply construction.
-Friction tuning pegs. They hold the banjo in tune very well. I make each peg from solid maple hardwood.
-Hand-made fiddle style bridge of solid maple hardwood.
-Real goatskin head
-Brass tacks for the head
-Aquila nylgut strings
-Leather tailpiece
-Detailed assembly instructions

Each kit is lovingly crafted in a small Indiana workshop. Please allow 3-5 business days before shipping. I will provide a tracking number the day of shipment. Sometimes I can get very busy with orders, so please keep this in mind when ordering. I will keep you up to date if I am running behind, though all orders can be expected in a reasonable timeframe.

Traveling medicine shows were one a staple in the States. Keep this tradition alive with a truly American instrument.

*I will assemble your kit for you and set it up to play flawlessly for an additional charge. Please enquire before ordering. This page is for the kit only. The assembled banjos pictured are only for reference.

Interested? Contact Seller to arrange purchase

Shipping: $25 flat rate in US

Posted By: brncrvr
United States, IN,

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Condition of Banjo: New

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Type: 5-String Openback, Brand: Carver

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